School Council

School Council Statement of Intent

In March 2021, we joined Smart School Councils!  One of the things this is helping us with is our Class Council Meetings.

The school communication team are elected every September after writing and delivering speeches to their peers. The children then vote in an election for their favourite candidate and the Communication Team then meet weekly to discuss school and world issues. From this meeting, School council questions are derived to promote thinking and discussions within classes. 

Through our School Council, we ensure that all the children at Kingsway Primary Academy are cared for, supported and listened to.

We encourage the children in our school to become more aware of some of the issues around us.

The children in our school have shown a concern for people within our community by wanting to help their Mental Health and Well-Being. We used the Smart School Council tool to organise a local area litter pick.

Additionally, we raise money every year for our school, to help to make it a better place.

We respect ideas from all the different year groups and care for those around us by trying our best to solve any problems.

Our School Council ensure that every child at Kingsway Primary Academy has a voice which can be heard.