Building Resilience

At Kingsway Primary Academy, we are dedicated to helping children create a stronger and healthier mindset and make more of their unique talents.

Most people agree that children are our most precious gift. However they are given far less credit than they deserve for being able to bounce back from their trials and tribulations. Difficult experiences help us to learn and grow. Although daunting at first, through personal effort you can gain strength, build character and develop resilience.

At Kingsway Primary Academy we aim to have a greater focus on preparing our children for a successful life after school, enabling them to self-manage and overcome the many challenges they will face. We believe that building character and developing resilience is equally as important to children as reading, writing and maths.

Resilience is important in life. We often cannot choose or control many of our circumstances but we can all choose our attitude everyday.

‘The danger for most of us lies in not setting our aims too high and falling short, but in setting aims too low and achieving our mark.’  Michelangelo